TEMPEST Measurement and Analysis Laboratory

We deliver the complete solution for TEMPEST Measurement and Analysis Laboratory, through our partner INTRIPLE a.s.. Intriple is a company from the Czech Republic, whose field of activity integrates state-of-the-art electronic technology in signal processing and microwave technology.

We have delivered and built new laboratories with custom design, assembly of shielded chamber, equipment installation and configuration.

We provide customized solutions according to the national needs, trainings of the operators and long-term technical support.

The configurations are open and it is possible to integrate almost any equipment from various vendors. We are able to write drivers for the matured equipment to be used in the updated system if it is required.

We provide modernization and updates of laboratories and laboratory equipment.

The TEMPEST Laboratory is not only a high-quality Tempest receiver, oscilloscope and antennas. The integration and further automation of the procedures is important for performing complex tests of the increasingly integrated devices.

We understand that every laboratory is unique and has different needs even if they work according to the same standard. We
work closely with every customer to deliver solution which is a good fit for the needs and budget. It is possible to do a step by step improvements and delivery only the parts which are necessary for the required measurements.

We are used to integrate matured equipment with GPIB interface to modern Gigabit secured networks. We understand that modern receiver has the functionality of oscilloscope so an extra oscilloscope is no more necessary. But it is good practice to have it connected to the system and be able to move from one technology to the next.