Zoning and Shielding Measurement System IZ906806

We deliver comprehensive solutions for the TEMPEST Zoning System, through our main partner INTRIPLE a.s .. Intriple is a company from the Czech Republic, whose field of activity integrates state-of-the-art electronic technology in signal processing and microwave technology.

System for facility zoning measurement has been developed as rugged system to resist influence of environmental conditions wherever is needed to use it.

The system is compliant to relevant military standards and is easily up-gradable to new requirements. The zoning system can be upgraded by available options to Shielding Effectiveness measurement up to 11 GHz or 18 GHz.

Battery operation, very fast setup of the measuring chain and simple user interface are the key factors making facility zoning system very powerful.

Standard frequency range of the system is from 10 MHz to 3 GHz and fulfills requirement of latest SDIP-28/2 and IASG 7-01 standards.